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Springtrap and Deliah (Page 112) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 112) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 833 145 bones by GraWolfQuinn bones :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 740 78 .:Request:. Pyro by blazecat713 .:Request:. Pyro :iconblazecat713:blazecat713 3 1 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 111) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 111) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,124 283
Please watch this people!
Just wanna showcase some users who deserve all the love they can get. <33 They have been nothing but nice to me and has been showering me with many lovely gifts that I feel like I really don't deserve em' all hngg- They also have really wonderful art styles and they're really wonderful people! 
Lovely babu whom I love a bunch. <33 She, along with a few others are the ones that really helped me with the Cards concept in a Cardverse Discussion I held on Telegram. So it really means a lot to me if you guys support this sweetest potato I've ever have the blessings to be friends with.
Beautiful works she's done for me. <33

and many more lovely gifts I possibly can't contain them all ahh- 
:icone-c98:E-C98 8 28
Springtrap and Deliah (Page 110) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 110) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,467 367
About Amy and Blaze...
When it comes to character interactions with Blaze, I think that the character with whom she can have the most interesting dynamic is Amy Rose.
Why? Because of all characters, Amy is the one that better contrasts and complements Blaze, and would say that the same holds true when it comes to the other way around. Both characters are different from each other because of how Amy is the bubbly and cheerful girl who makes friends with ease (even with the most unlikely of characters) while Blaze is the no-nonsense serious one who has a more realistic view of things and who has trouble opening up to others.
I imagine that both characters' respective traits would come into play in a way that highlights their qualities in a positive light, something that currently is not possible with Cream (Amy's official best friend) because not only of Cream being an overlapping character that featires the same good qualities as Amy, but also because how their personalities highlights each other in a bad way
:iconsmsskullleader:SMSSkullLeader 4 10
Detective Pikachu is stupid
First of all, why would a Pikachu be a detective? Just...Just why? Its a pikachu for crying out loud!
Second, why the hell would anyone hire a pikachu as their detective? Again, its a pikachu! The equivalent to a mouse in the human world. You can't even understand anything other than Pika Pika Pikachu
Third, why would someone waste their money on this crap, when there are clearly extremely better detective games to buy. For one example, Professor Layton.
Fourth, pokemon catching them all? This is like if Pokemon Snap and Hey its Pikachu had a baby.  -_-
:iconflareemerald77:FlareEmerald77 2 14
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I wanna get a nice and gorey picture with Foxy, Riley and Sapphire. Like a GIF of something.... So gotta save up. Can you help? :aww:

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Artist | Traditional Art
Riley's backstory: Please read this to learn about Riley the Pirate's Backstory. Riley's ConfessionsEver wondered how Foxy and Riley met? Well, I'm here to tell you.
    When Riley was a little hedgehog, her father took her to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. As soon as Riley walked in, she gasped and smiled. "Wow, Dad, this is super cool!" He smiled and said "Your grandmother took me here all the time when I was your age. I'm letting you wander around until your hearts content. Meet me here when you are done roaming around, okay?" Riley nodded and wandered around and found Pirate's Cove.
    She lifted the curtain and found a crimson red fox sitting on the ground. Riley walked towards the fox and sat next to him. At that time, Foxy didn't say much of anything. Riley scooted closer to Foxy until she was right next to him. Riley was a little shy, but eventually she got the courage to say hello.
    "H-Hello, Mr. Fox. I'm Riley. What's your name?" Riley asked. When Foxy heard Riley speak, it startled him. "Nobody really comes 'nd sees me durin' th

My Characters Please view this to see my characters. I share Diamond and Sapphire with Imansonicfan.

Fan of Foxy x Riley? Join this group! :iconfoxy-x-riley-fans:

Fan of Riley the Pirate? Join this group! :iconriley-rose-fans:

(I know it says Rose, but that's what Riley's last name was when I created the club ^^; )

The Pirate Family by RilesThePirate Please view this to see the Pirate family.

Who is Riley? Riley the Pirate Bio FOR REALSName: Riley
Nickname: Riles, Ri, RiRi, Lass/Lassie, Me Cap'n
Age: 23
Birthday: July 12th
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog
Hair Color: Orange Hedgehog w/ Light Blue ( ) Highlights
Eye Color: Her right eye is emerald green and her left eye is a somewhat lighter shade of emerald green, because her left eye is blinded. Her left eyeball can turn black, yet the eye color remains that light green
Markings: ?
Family: Sapphire, Diamond, Lolbit, Adventure Foxy, Mobian Foxy
Team: None
Friends: Azul, Shadow, Sonic, Silver, Markie, Vara, Jesssica, Chica, Mangle, Toy Chica, Jessica
Enemies: Eggman, Eggman Nega, Shade, Blaze, Tyler the Fox, Riley.exe
Personality: Riley is a optimistic and sweet lady. She loves all of her friends and family and would do anything for them. Riley can be a bit shy when she's around people she doesn't know. When she's around people that she knows quite well, she talks about anything and everything. Nowadays, she

Who is Diamond?: Character Bio: DiamondName: Diamond
Nickname: Di
Age: 17
Birthday: October 14
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog-Fox Demon (95% Demon Fox and 5% hedgehog)
Fur Color: Light Blue
Eye Color: The left eye is blue and the right eye is red. He's heterochromatic.
Markings: None
Family: Tyler, Foxy, Riley, Sapphire, Lolbit, Adventure Foxy, Mephiles, Foxy
Friends: Sapphire, Tyler
Enemies: Isaiah, all of his kids, Tyler
Personality: Diamond is a very wise and polite young man. He's very moody. Diamond also is a kuudere, meaning that he doesn't really show emotions towards people. He's also a very strong, but serious kind of guy. When all by himself or with Sapphire, he's very kind and is very cheerful.
Background: He was created with the blood of both of his parents. He was a very quiet fox kit because he was the first kid. Once his sister came around, he continued to talk to people that were similar to him. He really liked to hang out with his dad as a young kit because they were both really quiet. He eventually started

Who is Sapphire?: Sapphire the Pirate BioName: Sapphire
Nickname: Sapph, Sapphy
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Demonic Hedgehog-Fox (She's 25% Demon)
Hair Color: Dark Blue (Like a Sapphire)
Eye Color: Hot Pink
Relationship Status: Taken by Azul (O1SFREEZE’s OC)
Family: Riley, Diamond, Foxy, Tyler (she frickin hates him, and says that he's not her father), Lolbit, Pyro, Adventure Foxy
Friends: Jessica, Azul, Diamond, Springtrap
Enemies: The cops, anybody that tries to stop her while killing, Tyler, Balloon Boy
Personality: She's a kind young lady that kills anybody that could potentially pose a threat to her family. Sapphire is kinda dramatic and has frequent mood swings, just like her brother. It kinda scares Riley. She can get REALLY mad if her victims survive.
Background: She was created along with Diamond about eighteen (demon) years ago with her brother, Diamond. When she was about seventeen, she met Azul when she was walking around town with Jessica. The two slowly but surely fell in love.
Other Notes: She ages q

Who is Pyro?: Pyro the HedgeFox BioName: Pyro
Nickname: Py (Pronounced "Pie")
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: HedgeFox
Hair Color: Crimson and Orange
Eye Color: Heterochromatic (Left eye is green and right eye is yellow)
Markings: none
Family: Foxy, Riley, Diamond, Sapphire, Lolbit, Adventure Foxy
Friends: Lucy (blazecat713)
Enemies: None
Personality: Sweet as can be, just like her mother, but also can have a fiery temper, just like her father. Also kinda shy
Background: She is the first daughter of Foxy and Riley that isn't adopted. Foxy realized that she was fifteen percent animatronic when she got so mad that she started to glitch out. It scared Riley quite a bit, but she's now adjusted to it. She gets the name Pyro because she burned Riley's bed. Luckily they've gotten a bed and a new one for Pyro that is magically fireproof.
Other Notes: pyrokinetic, her yellow eye can light up (just like her dad), troublemaker, gamer, loves to hear stories abou

Who is Freddy Fazbear (in my AU)? Freddy Fazbear Bio (My AU)Name: Freddy Fazbear
Nickname: Fred, Scallywag, Dad
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Animatronic-Mobian Bear
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Markings: none
Family: Riley, Sapphire, Diamond, Adventure Foxy, Adventure Lolbit
Team: NA
Friends: The children he sings to, Chica, Toy Bonnie, Mangle, Bonnie and
Enemies: Tyler, Springtrap, William Afton, Foxy (to a degree), Mephiles
Personality: A happy and cheery bear that loves singing. He can also have a bit of a short temper when somebody messes with his family. Freddy is also has his dark side and can creep everybody out when everybody hears him laughing in the hallways while in the process of killing the night guard.
Background: When he was built along with the rest of the FazCrew, he would sing to the kids. He still does and loves it. When Riley made it to the Pizzeria, they eventually took her in and he calls her his "daughter" and takes care of her. He still is seen carryi

Who is Foxy the Pirate (in my AU)? Foxy the Pirate Bio (My AU)Name: Foxy
Nickname: Overprotective Husband, Fox Boy
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Mobian Fox-Animatronic
Fur Color: Crimson Fur
Eye Color: Bright Yellow
Markings: On his chest
Family: Riley, Adventure Foxy and Lolbit, Sapphire, Pyro and Diamond
Team: None
Friends: His family
Enemies: Tyler, Freddy, Golden Freddy, Toy Bonnie
Personality: A very kind and protective husband. He is also very considerate. Foxy can be a bit feisty when provoked or if Riley is hurt. He loves his kids and will do anything for them. He also has a VERY bad temper at times and it is scary, based off of what Riley told me. He can also be very scary when Riley or the kids are hurt. He has only lost it.. Once. His voice is also very glitchy when this happens.
Background: When Freddy and the Fazbear crew were created, Foxy bit a kid back in the day. Ever since then, he's been a huge loner in Pirate Cove. Riley met Foxy when she was five and talked to h

Who is Toy Bonnie (in my AU)? Toy Bonnie Bio (My AU)Name: Toy Bonnie
Nickname: Bon Bon
Age: 17?
Gender: Male
Species: Animatronic+Mobian Rabbit
Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Markings: None
Family: Riley, Foxy, Freddy Fazbear, Diamond, Sapphire, Adventure Foxy and Adventure Lolbit
Team: None
Friends: kids that visit the Pizzeria, Riley
Enemies: Tyler, William Afton/Purple Guy/Springtrap, Golden Freddy
Personality: Usually bright and bubbly. He tends to make friends almost instantly. T. Bon is kinda stupid too.
Background: He was originally created in 1987, when FNAF 2 came out. When he was introduced to Riley, who was in her mid teenage years, he didn't know what to think of her. He eventually came to love her (not romantically ew) and still treats her like a teenager which is why he loves to swing Riley around. When Foxy and Riley got married, they all became mobian, but they're still 5% animatronic, which means that his voice starts to "glitch" when he fee

Why does Riley have PTSD? Here's your answer. Why Does Riley Have PTSD?I'm starting to feel better.. while I'm in the process of feeling better (thanks to everybody's comments), I have something to ask you.
Who wants to know what happened to Riley, why she has PTSD and why she has a burning hatred for her ex-husband? If I get three actual comments, I'll post them all.
Her ex-husband did the following..
-Kidnapped her many times
-Tried to murder her
 - Successfully killed her once
-Was possessive as hELL
-Jealous af to the point where he SHAPESHIFTED to look like Foxy
-Was generally heartless (in After You Left Me, Riley was at the Pizzeria and telling Imansonicfan's oc that Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy and Chica are her real family. He said that it didn't matter)
-Forced Riley to love him
-Tied her to a chair
-Squeezed Riley's wrists (they turned red)
I feel so bad for her jfc

:star: Haters will be blocked!:star:
:heart: Every fave I get means the world to me!! :heart:


Picture by RilesThePirate

MY SENPAIS: kagayaku-kitten (:iconkagayaku-kitten:) ROKK-U (:iconrokk-u:) Imansonicfan (:iconimansonicfan:) O1SFREEZE (:icono1sfreeze:) Pokiisu KissTheThunder (:iconkissthethunder:) E-C98 (:icone-c98:) and Itoruna-The-Platypus (:iconitoruna-the-platypus:)


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Have some playlists!

Awesome Vocaloid Covers 1:…

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Awesome MLP Songs for you Bronies and Pegasisters:…

What I Will Do
-Draw my Sonic the Hedgehog OCs (Riley, Diamond, Sapphire, Jessica, Wendy, Pyro Riley_the_Pirate.EXE)
-Art Trades (Not Now.)
-Draw my MLP OCs (Sherbert and Lilac)
-DRAW my VOCALOID OC, Amai Kokoro
-Write Fanfictions (Please Check My Quotev)
-FNAF Fanart
-Draw my Happy Tree Friends OC, Sweetie (Still working on the design)
-Ship Art (Foxiley, SapphAzul, SonataBert)

What I Will Never Do On This Page.
-NSFW Roleplay
-Gorey Roleplay
-To an extent. If Riley, Sapphire, Foxy or Riley.exe are in it, then yeah. If not, no.
-Requests (This would stress me out)
-Hypnosis Roleplays
-Zombie Roleplays

If you do not respect my wishes and make me do any of those roleplays, you will be blocked.
I will stay here. If not, I’ll probably abandon this page and move to Instagram.
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